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To review academically, the modern acoustic phonetics began with Voice Transmission Machine named by Bell (Alexander Graham Bell, 1847 - 1922) when he obtained its patent on March 7, 1876 (Patent No.174465), followed by the phonograph invented in the next year, 1877 by Edison (Thomas Alva Edison, 1847 - 1931), which is said to have greatly changed the acoustics from the physics to the technology to improve the performance of the utility goods, which had been once held as a passive science to analyze the sound phenomenon.

To put it simply, it can be said that the situation has forced the science to follow the epoch-making invention, can't it!

Soon after the event, the electromagnetics built up by Faraday, Maxwell, etc. became developed to get the designing data completed in relation to the electromagnetism. And then, on the subject of measuring the amount of dynamics like a mechanical sound, etc., it has become found a much simpler, easier and more accurate way that it should be electrically processed after once converted to an electrical form.

It means that the circumferential environment has become timely fulfilled, doesn't it!

Thus, the electrician massively went into the field of acoustics which had been left to the physicist so far, and a new field called the electroacĄ?oustics is said to have been born then. During a history of only about 130 years since epoch-making inventions by Bell, Edison, etc., Yashima has made its record by starting with the manufacture of earphones for TV & Radio 40 years ago, followed by earphones for business communication apparatus, hearing aid and card type radio, as well as cables for artificial internal ear, earphone-microphone for mobile phone, hand-free phone for cars, headsets for broadcasting station, and throat microphone for use in too noisy circumstances. We are proud to have participated in about 1/3 of the history, although it seems not known to the public because most of our manufacture has concerned OEM products.
We will continue to introduce in this column various technical information including sound history and general technological subjects with our endeavor to get it understood by any reader, which we wish would interest you in the sound little by little.

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