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Hearing of the sound is one of the important functions for the human being. By means of "Hearing", we contribute to the society as one of the enterprises working in the field of sound.
Earphone as one of our main products..... Through the earphone, we have been always in touch with "Hearing" one can sense. On the basis of our experience and accomplishment for this long time, we are actively promoting our research & development of audio relation to the handicapped of visual acuity as well as to the hard of hearing or the deaf, and of hearing of the non-hadicapped in noisy condition.
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2019.7.22 Developed Non-contact connector(Plug and Jack).
2019.5.1 Developed and started manufacturing Micro vibration pick up sensor.
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2017.10.25 Our brand new product BCE500 series Bone Conduction Earphone is working under water.
Driver unit is fixed to inside of fish bowl with screw and playing back sound source.
You can listen the sound from fish bowl.
Fish bowl itself is vibrating as diaphragm function.
BCE500 series Bone Conduction Earphone demonstration video
2017.6.21 The business activity for BCE500 series ,Canal type Bone Conduction Earphone, has commenced.
Detailed Information(PDF File)
2016.11.25 The patent for "Electromagnetic type Acoustic Transducer for Earphone" is granted by the Patent Office.
Patent No.6032984
Detailed Information(PDF File)
2016.9.15 The business activity for N20 No spout driver unit has commenced.
Detailed Information(PDF File)
2016.6.16 OFC Voice Coil Driver Unit for N20 series is now in mass production and ready for sale.
Detailed Information(PDF File)
2015.9.30 Yashima original 1-magnetic pole type magnetic driver (EMD): Sales activities started.
Detailed Information(PDF File)
2015.5.13 N20 Series - Solid silver coil started in mass production.: Business activity began.
Detailed Information(PDF File)
2015.4.1 N20-5: Business activity began.
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2014.4.16 High-performance earphone ME148 began in manufacturing.
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2014.4.16 High-performance earphone ME150 began in manufacturing.
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2014.4.16 Microphone HM-01 began in business activity, which is not badly affected by a cutting wind noise.
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2010.10.25 Model Name in Specification for Mass Production: N20-2
Detailed Information(PDF File)
2010.10.25 Update Technical Information
2009.03.18 Update Technical Information
2007.05.22 Ear Canal, Balanced Armature Type, Start of Sales Activity.
Detailed Information(PDF File) Technical Information
2007.04.02 This web site has been newly established.

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