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Micro vibration pick up sensor (PS series)
Applications for Monitor or Maintenance of motors or movable parts.
Changeable sensor tips.
Non-contact connector(Plug and Jack)PAT pending
No intermittent.
Float connection by electromagnetic induction.
Applications for medical, water proof, dust proof and explosion proof purposes.
Call device without power supply
An electricity is generated in high efficient microphone unit by voice vibration, and it drives the counterpart of earphone.
This call device transfers some kilo meters by wire without any power supply, even in case of power down under emergency.
Simple, Compact and Light weight.
Example application: Call device for Vessel.
Vibration power generator
Please select and click the desired detailed information from the pull-down menu.(PDF file)

Vibrational power generation research laboratory
V type cord for hearing aid Y type cord for hearing aid
Various Plug-Cable Assemblies
A variety of audio plugs, external power source plugs, and connectors are available. Also, various cables and their processing can be offered. Your inquiry about these would be welcomed.
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