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Corporate Principle

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Management Policy
Sharing the future with coexistence and co-prosperity as our fundamental principle...
Remarkable progress of technology and science for these several decades caused us mankind to make the earth environment significantly worse. Pursuit of richness and convenience, which everyone wishes, should not be a bad thing. But, if it only gives priority to profit with no thought for the consequences, we would not be able to make us happy. For future attitude, I think the company would be asked how to appreciate this environmental issue, and what to do toward it.
Our company also aims to make itself succeedable to the coming generation including an environmental aspect of this earth in process of technical development and product-making.
Business Policy
Our target is to manufacture and sell sound-related special use products with our original industrial technology to ensure a steady supply to the world market with wider approach as well as to our Japanese domestic market.
In this age when an industrial environment diversely changes, we wish our company to understand every timely change to develop the technology to meet the period.
Declaration of Environment
Yashima declares that we would proceed with such the development, designing and manufacturing based on the earth environment-making as would be transferable to the next generation.
1. Energy
We make efforts to minimize the amount of electricity, gas and water we use.
2. Saving resources
We make efforts to get office work fundamentally paperless.
3. Effective use of the earth resources
We make efforts to reduce industrial wastes and to try recycling.
4. Environmental regulations and other necessary requirements
We observe these rules, and also have established our own standard and control system.
5. Decrease in load on environment
We make efforts to decrease the environmental load for product development and designing with green procurement, etc. considered.
6. Coexistence and co-prosperity
We make efforts to consider the coexistence & co-prosperity with the community, and to cooperate actively.
7. Training
We make efforts to enhance a sense of environmental protection both in our employees' minds and at our cooperating companies.
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