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Major Customers
Koken Co., Ltd. (disaster measures sound system)
Cortiton Hearing aid Co., Ltd. (hearing aid)
Yaesu Musen Co., Ltd. (business use wireless set)
Seiko Instruments Inc. (consumer use earphone, etc.)
Tamura Corporation (broadcasting station sound system)
JVC KENWOOD Corporation (consumer use earphone, etc.)
FDK Corporation (consumer use earphone, etc.)
OTTO Engineering Inc. (for business use communication apparatus)
Tanizawa Seisakusho., Ltd. (disaster measures sound system)
Ortofon Japan Co.,Ltd. (consumer use earphone, etc.)
Dai-Ichi Denpa Kougyo Co.,Ltd. (business use wireless set)
Mimy Electronics Co.,Ltd. (hearing aid)
Shiba Industries,Ltd. (Consumer electronics earphone, Hearing aid item)
Eko Techno Inc. (business use wireless set)
Earphoneguide Co., Ltd. (stage explanation apparatus, etc.)
MakiChie Co., Ltd. (hearing aid)
(in no particular order)
Major Suppliers
Amakawa Shiki Co., Ltd. (decorative box, etc.)
Arika Co., Ltd. (molded resin products)
Topura Hanbai Co., Ltd. (plug, etc.)
MIND Co.,Ltd. (earphone cable, etc.)
Ohama Corporation (magnet, etc.)
kyowa Gohsei Co.,Ltd. (earplug for earphones, etc.)
Sato Denshi Co.,Ltd. (small machining, etc.)
Shin-Etsu Electric Wire Co.,Ltd. (coil, etc.)
Kanamori Kinzoku Co.,Ltd. (machining, etc.)
Techno Taka Co.,Ltd. (diaphragm for earphones, etc.)
Nihon Vinyl code Co.,Ltd. (earphone cable, etc.)
Hisago Denzai Co.,Ltd. (earphone cable, etc.)
(in no particular order)
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