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1963 - April Established Yashima Electric Manufactory as a private enterprise.
Started manufacturing magnetic earphones for television and radio.
1963 - June Reorganized to Yashima Electric Co., Ltd.
1981 Developed and started manufacturing earphones for hearing aid.
1982 Developed and started manufacturing innerphones (intraconcha type).
1984 Developed and started manufacturing innerphones for card type radio.
1984 Various companies started manufacturing card type radios, and most of innerphones used for them have become Yashima's.
1988 Developed and started manufacturing innerphones to meet sound composite.
1989 Sale of earphone as a single article expanded in audio accessories market.
Researched in measuring actual frequency characteristics perceivable in use of innerphone, to comply with a request from NTT Communication Laboratory, with trial producing of the required frequency characteristics at the measurement followed.
1990 Exhibited the earphone-microphone for mobile phone at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, U.S.A.
Started shipping the earphone-microphone to North America.
1992 Developed and started manufacturing earphone-microphone to have the characteristics of the microphone specified for the telephone.
1994 Developed and started manufacturing earphone-microphone for mobile phone, which has integrated both earphone and microphone into one unit.
1998 Developed a hands-free system (automatic on-hook/off-hook) for vehicles for the first in Japan, and started its manufacturing for OEM business.
2001 Started manufacturing business-use headsets for broadcasting stations.
Opened Shanghai office in China.
2002 Developed and started manufacturing throat microphones for use under big noise environment like aircraft maintenance, disaster prevention apparatus.
2003 Entered Cyber Assist Consortium of Industrial General Laboratory.
2005 Conducted no-power terminal equipment sound design and manufactured sound system products for Global House at Aichi World Fair in Japan.
2005 Developed and started manufacturing HM-01 microphone which is not badly affected by a cutting wind noise.
2007 Developed and started sales activity of one magnetic pole type balanced armature hi-fi earphone.
Began manufacturing a Hi-Fi earphone with this structure first in the world.
2008 N20 (Rev. 3): Lowered an impedance for lower frequency in sound system at Model #N20-3.
2010 N20 (Rev. 4): Lowered an impedance for lower frequency in sound system at Model #N20-4 with a different structure from #N20-3.
2011 Closed Shanghai office.
2011 Started supplying a headset for a broadcasting station, with a shock noise (cable touch noise, etc.) much reduced.
2013 Celebrated 50th anniversary of the company foundation.
2013 Developed one magnetic pole type balanced armature Hi-Fi earphone in φ6.5 although a smaller size than φ10 product had been assumed not possible.
2014 Started sales activity of Wind noise cancelling microphone(HM-01) as Yashima original product.
2014 Manufactured and started sales activity of High performance earphone ME-148 and ME-150 as Yashima original product.
2015 Started sales activity of modified Higher quality N20 driver(product name: Extreme Magnetic Driver).
2015 Granted [Sainokuni Factory] certification.
2017 Developed and started manufacturing High conversion efficiency bone conduction earphone.
2018 Developed and started manufacturing Micro vibration pick up sensor.
2019 Developed Professional under water call device.
Developed Non-contact connector(Plug and Jack).
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